A New Life In the Sun

A New Life In The Sun (where are they now) 4pm today, Channel 4 in the uk. Filmed in late August it shows what we had been getting up to after almost 6 months of lockdown! Includes RSS Road and Our sister company Ride Southern Spain MTB

What’s been happening

As the pandemic has prevented our usual numbers of guests visiting, we have turned the negative into a positive. This change in activity has meant we have been able to pour our time into extra improvements at the villa. Next time you visit, you’ll be even more comfortable to really enjoy your off-bike time.

Homegrown produce

Breakfast and evening meal are supplied and cooked by the staff at RSS. It is plentiful and very tasty so you are either prepared for your day or re-nourished ready for bed and the next day. Ric Tristram We love riding but we also love cooking and gardening. Happily, the latter two work hand-in-hand to …

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Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are awesome! They also provide us with products you can use and enjoy when you’re here with us. Find out more about them by clicking on their logos below.


there are often road cycling events in the area. You might like to arrange your trip around joining in one of these. Get in touch to find out more.

The pool

Perfect to relax by if you’re not riding, our large swimming pool is carefully maintained to ensure your safety and enjoyment. Relax your muscles with a few restorative laps after being on the bikes. If you’re feeling energetic, have a laugh and play in the pool! Fancy a sunset dip? Enjoy the mood lit pool …

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Fire pit

Had a great time…and felt I was in good company especially on arrival back to the villa for a cold beer and the bbq on the go! Rides were great and Andy really knows his stuff. Gareth Barrett Nothing nicer than riding all day, getting back to the villa for a dip and then warming …

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